Sometimes I forget that everyone does not feel the way I do.

It is really hard for me to understand how a bike sharing program could “threaten our personal freedoms” and means that you value the earth above citizens’ rights. But apparently Republican gubernatorial candidate in Colorado, Dan Maes understands it. How does my choice to ride a bike take away other people’s’ personal freedom? Don’t cyclist have the freedom to travel how they choose just like everyone else? It appears that B-cycle, is not just a great way to reduce traffic and improve overall travel conditions in Denver; it is really a liberal environmental agenda. I personally will admit, I probably do have an agenda. Maybe I promote safe bicycling because it is better for the body. Maybe I just think it is more fun than driving. Maybe it does have environmental elements, so what?

Ok, here is MY agenda:  use less foreign fuel, pollute less, save money, reduce obesity, get out of traffic, and be happy.

I am sorry if that takes away your freedom to pollute, be fat and unhappy. I guess I shouldn’t be so selfish.

To quote Ben Fried of Streetsblog:

“It goes like this: First they lull you into submission with the public bikes. Then they nullify the Bill of Rights, outlaw the English language, and strip away your American citizenship. Then they seize your SUV.”

And there you have it.


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