First Egypt, then Wisconsin and now Provo, Utah?

Provo is not the sort of place you expect to see a line of picketers marching around Center Street on a Tuesday morning. But, I guess even Provoites will take a stand on some things.

Is Provo City really trying to crack down on “daytime gang” activity, or is there more to the story?

Is this an attempt by the school board to punish home-schoolers?

Or is it, as my conspiracy theorist husband always likes to say, just social engineering, making us accustomed to random arrests?

I get pretty riled up when I feel like THE MAN is trying to make things hard for anyone that doesn’t want to play along, which in this case is home-schoolers. And I do love me a peaceful protest. I was half tempted to grab a sign and join them.

But really, to me, this whole thing mostly seems like focusing on things that don’t really matter.

This is something my children are really good at. They love to have lengthy debates about who it was that left the bathroom light on, or whose turn it is to play on the Iphone. It is sad that after all my years at school, I am reduced to forever repeat the same apathetic phrase,  “It doesn’t matter!”

Is this what Provo has come to? Please understand I am not talk about the protesters, they are justified. Power to the people.

But Provo City?!?  The biggest problem they can see to tackle is the HUGE truancy problem? Are we all so financially secure here that we have nothing more to worry about than a few teenagers that can’t seem to stay in school?

With all that is going on in the world, good old Provo City is doing their part by cracking down on the big issues.

Sarcasm aside, the good news is, the peaceful protest has apparently killed the ordinance.

Way to go Provoians!



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