The day job

There are a lot of things I like about my job.

Most important are the projects. We have worked on some really great projects. For instance, the award winning, “Life on State.” It was a corridor project, to bring life back to the major arterial that runs through Salt lake County. There were 11 cities involved. There were several public meetings and a week long design charrette. It was the project that drew me and am confirmed that I had chosen the right career for me.

Then there are the meetings. I actually like public workshops. I know it sounds crazy but I do. For one thing they aren’t like the show “Parks and Recreation” makes them out to be. When you are a consultant you make these things fun. I love watching the people  get caught up in the vision of seeing the place turn around. I love the involvement. I also like the rush of preparing for the meeting, and remembering all the details.

I love the location. Last summer we moved to a new office. It is a few feet away from light rail. We are in a mixed use building with apartments above. Buses go by every five minutes, and there is actually foot traffic. Not something you see everywhere around here. Besides I get my own office, with a big desk.

Of course lets not forget the MoJo. Our office has a great vibe. We listen to good music and have brainstorming sessions that require the whiteboard to decide really important things, like where to go to lunch. And there is an occasional round of golf into paper cup holes while we are waiting for a big file to export. It’s good. Work isn’t supposed to be this fun.

And I get to make maps. And everybody likes to make maps.


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