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Very clever Provo.

This is great. I love it.

An easy, cheap, fun way to get public input and drive redevelopment.

For the next two or three weeks residents are invited to participate in the “I Wish This Was” campaign, sponsored by the Utah County Association of Realtors in conjunction with Provo city.

Chris Nichols, UCAR president said,

“‘I Wish This Was’ is an inventive way to get feedback from those passing by, and the stickers are an easy tool for people to voice what they want and where they want it,” Nichols said.

Corey Norman, deputy mayor, is excited about the possibilities and ideas that can be shared by all ages. “This is where social media meets bricks and mortar,” he said.

Real Estate Association member Taylor Oldroyd said, “It’s the ‘American Idol’ of real estate development. It allows the public to express their opinion. Hopefully it’s a win/win for everyone.”

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Sweet Potato Pie

As it turns out, even 10 seconds in the microwave is too long for a little plastic cup of caramel. Believe me, I know. So, someday when I get cancer, and I am shouting at the universe, “WHY ME!?!” you can remind me about the plastic disguised as caramel that I spooned all over my sweet potato pie.