On a Personal Note

A little about the artisan in me.

I hardly remember when I learned to make jewelry. I remember being very small and wandering into my dad’s jewelry studio. I’d ask him what he was doing. “Making jewelry,” he’d say. Eventually he started giving me little things to do, and bit by bit I learned.

But, that is what I had always done, and I wanted a “real” job, a grown up job. Besides he sold his jewelry wholesale so that means someone else made the profit and someone else had the fun of seeing the happy customer and mostly it just a lot of work.

So I went to school and I found something I loved and felt passionate about and I got that “real” job.

For the last three years I have been living my dream. Working for The Planning Center was great. I got to be involved in the best planning projects in Utah. We were right in the thick of everything. It is possible there were efforts out there that we weren’t involved in, but it is hard to imagine. We were the kings of Bunker Hill. The “Center of all Planning.” It was great.

But for some reason, it wasn’t enough.

So, in December 2010 I opened Street Bauble on Etsy, and I began making and selling jewelry for myself.

It started small, just a way to earn a little extra cash. But it was fun. This time I wasn’t making jewelry for someone else to sell. This time I got to make the profit and I got to hear the positive feedback from customers. And my little business grew, even though I hardly had any time to devote to it; it grew and grew.

So now here I am.

The Planning Center Utah office is closed. A victim of the economy, Utah politics and bad timing.

And now I am a full time artisan and small business owner. And I am excited. It is exciting to grow my business on purpose. It is exciting to get to build jewelry in the daytime. It is exciting to take what I learned in the business world and apply it to MY business.

I still care about sustainability and planning. Even though my LinkedIn profile says Owner of Street Bauble Jewelry doesn’t mean I am not still a planner at heart. It is still in me. But now, maybe I have time to write about it.


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