I am just a girl who can’t stop thinking and talking about issues that relate to sustainability, planning and make the urban sphere better.

You know….

Sustainability, Walkability, Mixed Use. Bike sharing. Complete Streets. Urban Renewal, Urban Design.

That kind of stuff.

Of course there is more to me than that.

Until recently I was the full time career women with high heels and slacks. Now I am a free lance planner, working with a little consulting company making maps, doing design work, engaging the public, and interacting with other people who are passionate about making the world better.

But I am also an artisan. I sell jewelry that I make myself on Etsy. I get to see my little creations going off on grand adventures to  locations around the world. I get to interact with other artisans and hear praise for my work, and I get to work with my hands to make things that are beautiful.

I am married to a very supportive husband that I adore. Somehow in our busy lives we still find time to have a little fun. We share a love of foreign films and ethnic food. He introduced me to the beauty of New England in the fall, and now I have to do whatever it takes to get back there every year.

I have two girls on the verge of becoming teenagers. They are strong, independent and almost too smart for their own good. I didn’t plan to indoctrinate them with my planning ideals. Honestly I didn’t. But how many eleven year olds do you hear saying, “Why do they bother with this freeway widening, it wont help the traffic, it will just bring more cars to the road. They should spend the money to build the train instead!”

I love riding my bike, much to my children’s dismay. When I say ‘who wants to go to the library?’ they say, ‘only if we can drive the car.’ Oh well, they are too slow anyway, with them it is more like coasting than riding.

I am kind of a hippy. Not in the pot smoking, free love sort of way. But I am into organic, all natural everything. I make my own granola with honey (not sugar). I grow vegetables in my backyard. I even once acted as a dula to a birthing mother. I have never grown my own sprouts on the window sill, but only because my mom never showed me how.

And that is more than you needed to know, so that is the end.


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