Street Bauble

What I love about Etsy

  1. Connecting with other artisans.
  2. Lots of interested customers.
  3. The logistics are organized and easy —  getting paid, shipping, receipts, keeping track of orders.
  4. Etsy doesn’t empty your shopping cart, so once you put something into your cart, it stays there forever (till you remove it) tempting you to buy it. (Why do other merchants not see the beauty?) Ohhh, chocalate, why do you tempt me so? It is the most beautiful chocolate.
  5. When I get an order, I get all giddy.
  6. I just figured out how to make google analytics work on StreetBauble! I am kinda freaking out, it is so cool!

What I don’t love about Etsy

  1. When a day goes by and I don’t get an order I start to take it personally. And then I wonder, ‘What if I never get another order?’ (Not actually a problem with Etsy, it’s just me)
  2. The activity feed is not exactly real time.
  3. I can’t track where my traffic comes from. (Oh but I can, all is forgiven, etsy is still cool)
  4. There is nowhere for me to blog on the site. My store wants a blog too. Oh well, that is what wordpress is for right?

Street Bauble


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